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List of short names and their corresponding full names in the JODI Oil World Database

The extended JODI Oil World Database is available with data (in B20/20 ivt. file) starting from January 2009.

JODI World Database

The JODI World Database is a work in progress. Transparency is the key word behind the initiative and, the free availability of the JODI World Database plays a key role in working towards this ideal.

  • Confidence evaluations have been given to the data where possible. See Comparability Assessment Methodology and Colour Coding.
  • Historically, priority has been  given to providing and improving the quality, timeliness and completeness of data submissions from the Top 30 Producer and Consumer Countries. However, the database now covers some 90 participating countries and although not all are yet able to deliver data with the same level of detail or regularity the JODI partner organisations are actively addressing this through a broad programme of capacity building in the form of training workshops, internships and by dissemination of the JODI manual on methodology and best practice.

"Work in progress" means that the organisations running JODI are committed to strengthen their work and efforts to further improve timeliness, coverage and completeness of the data.It is an ongoing and dynamic process.

Your comments and suggestions on the JODI World Database and the broader Joint Organisations Data Initiative are of keen interest to the JODI partner organisations and user feedback plays an essential role in the development and sustainability of the initiative.

Please contact us at: with your comments and suggestions.