The JODI-Oil World Database is freely available and is updated on or around the 20th of each month. The database consists of:

  • Thirteen product categories:
    • Crude oil
    • NGL
    • Other (refinery feedstocks + additives/oxygenates + other hydrocarbons)
    • Total (primary products)
    • LPG
    • Naptha
    • Motor/aviation gasoline
    • Kerosenes
    • of which: Kerosene type jet fuel
    • Gas/diesel oil
    • Fuel oil
    • Other oil products
    • Total oil products
  • Fourteen flows:
    • Production
    • Production From Other sources
    • Trade
    • Products transferred/Backflows
    • Direct use
    • Stock change
    • Statistical difference
    • Refinery intake
    • Closing stocks
    • Refinery output
    • Receipts
    • Products transferred
    • Interproduct transfers
    • Demand
  • Data in three different units:
    • barrels
    • tons
    • litres
  • Data for more than 90 participating countries;
  • Data from January 2002 to one month-old.

To find out more details on products and flows covered in the JODI-Oil Database please download the JODI-Oil Manual 2nd Edition.

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