JODI-Gas Questionnaire

The JODI-Gas Questionnaire is available for download as an Excel or PDF file. Use the links below to download the relevant one.

Modelled after JODI-Oil, which features monthly oil production, consumption, stocks and trade data from over 90 countries, JODI-Gas embodies the same objective of enhancing energy data transparency, with the ultimate goal of ensuring global energy security for producers and consumers alike.

JODI-Gas Questionnaire covers:

  • Three product categories: Natural gas in million m3, Natural gas in TJ, LNG in 1000 tons;
  • Twelve flows: Production, Receipts from Other Sources, Total Imports and Exports, as LNG and through Pipeline, Stock Change, Gross Inland Deliveries (Calculated), Statistical Difference (Calculated), Gross Inland Deliveries (Observed), Of which: Electricity and Heat Generation, and Closing Stocks.

JODI-Gas Questionnaire (PDF)

JODI-Gas Questionnaire (Excel)