JODI-Gas FAQ / What do gas stock levels include in the JODI-Gas Questionnaire?

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  • Join Date:May 2011 Posted by  Yui Torikata/ IEF / 28.05.2014 09:17

    Gas stock levels according to the JODI-Gas Questionnaire exclude gas reserves and cushion gas. The term gas reserves refers to quantities of gas not yet extracted, but which analysis of geological data demonstrates with reasonable certainty to be recoverable in future years from known deposits.

    Cushion gas denotes the volume of gas in a storage facility that must remain in situ to provide the required pressure to extract the remaining gas; because Cushion gas is considered unavailable for extraction, it should be excluded from the Closing Stocks and Stock Change.

    Gas stock levels in the JODI-Gas Questionnaire refer to the recoverable natural gas in the storage facilities described above. Pipeline gas and line pack are not included.