The JODI-Gas World Database is a platform that provides access to all data reported through monthly submissions of the JODI-Gas Questionnaire by all participating countries and economies. The database is updated on a monthly basis around the 20th of each month, though there are possibilities for additional updates. Registered users are notified by e-mail alert each time the database is updated.

Modelled after JODI-Oil, which features monthly oil production, consumption, stocks and trade data from over 90 countries, JODI-Gas embodies the same objective of enhancing energy data transparency, with the ultimate goal of ensuring global energy security for producers and consumers alike.

JODI-Gas World Database covers:

  • Three product categories:
    • Natural gas in million m3
    • Natural gas in TJ
    • LNG in 1000 tons
  • Twelve flows:
    • Production
    • Receipts from Other Sources
    • Total Imports LNG
    • Total Exports LNG
    • Total Imports through Pipeline
    • Total Exports through Pipeline
    • Stock Change
    • Gross Inland Deliveries (Calculated)
    • Statistical Difference (Calculated)
    • Gross Inland Deliveries (Observed)
    • Of which: Electricity and Heat Generation
    • Closing Stocks;
  • Data for around 80 participating countries.
  • Historical data from January 2009: target is to release one month old data (M-1) every month for all participating countries.

Building the JODI-Gas World Database

The graphic below illustrates the four main steps involved in the JODI data collection, review and dissemination process. Solid commitment and smooth coordination are necessary at every stage to help ensure JODI’s continued success.

JODI Gas Database

  • Stage 1. National and international oil and gas companies submit data to their national administrations.
  • Stage 2. National administrations verify and submit data to their corresponding JODI Partner organisation.
  • Stage 3. JODI Partners review, check, assess and then submit data to the IEF.
  • Stage 4. The IEF reviews and reformats the data and then publishes it.

Data Dashboard

Customise your JODI-Gas data on our Data Dashboards page.