JODI-Gas FAQ / What does natural gas production include?

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    Natural gas production in JODI-Gas refers to the dry marketable production within national boundaries, including offshore production within territorial waters. Production is measured after the purification and extraction of NGL and sulphur.

    During the extraction process, natural gas may be re-injected into the deposit, vented or flared. Quantities of natural gas used in these manners are not included in production. However, production of natural gas includes quantities used within the natural gas industry in gas extraction, pipeline systems and processing plants.

    In line with the definition of natural gas, the data reported for production should include: the natural gas produced in association with crude oil, natural gas originating from fields producing hydrocarbons only in gaseous form, colliery and coal seam gas produced at coal mines or from coal seams, as well as shale gas. The production of manufactured gases and biogas should be excluded.