JODI-Oil FAQ / What is the JODI-Oil definition for NGL?

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    Liquid or liquefied hydrocarbons recovered from gas separation plants and gas processing facilities.

    Natural gas liquids are a mixture of ethane, propane, butane (normal and iso), (iso) pentane and a few higher alkanes collectively referred to as pentanes plus.

    NGL are produced in association with oil or natural gas. They are removed in field facilities or gas separation plants before the gas is sold. All of the components of NGL except ethane are either liquid at the surface or are liquefied for disposal.

    The definition given above is the most commonly used. However, there is some use of terms based on the vapour pressure of the components which are liquid at the surface or can be easily liquefied. The three resulting groups are, in order of increasing vapour pressure: condensates, natural gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas. NGL may be distilled with crude oil in refineries, blended with refined oil products or used directly. NGL differs from LNG (liquefied natural gas) which is obtained by liquefying natural gas from which the NGL has been removed.