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  • No Profile Image Raymond Upham / bp
  • Join Date:Feb 2016 Posted by  Raymond Upham/ bp / 17.03.2016 09:08

    Apologies if I have missed any changes to the download formats, but it looks like only the world_primary.ivt and world_secondary.ivt are available on the download tab. You usually have the world.ivt file as well. Is that due to be published shortly?
  • Profile Image Yui Torikata / IEF
  • Join Date:May 2011 Reply 1 by Yui Torikata / IEF / 23.03.2016 11:07

    Dear Raymond,

    As I mentioned in my last email alert following the February data update, the JODI-Oil World Database terminated update of data release based on the initial format to complete full transition to the extended 128 data-points JODI-Oil questionnaire format from its initial 48 data-points format.

    If you were using JODI-Oil World Database - Simplified Version (Last 15 Months) in we invite you to view its full version in JODI-Oil World Database - Full Version (Primary Products Table) and JODI-Oil World Database - Full Version (Secondary Products).
    If you were downloading,, and files from, we invite you to download / and/or files.

    Yui Torikata