Nigerian Stocks

  • No Profile Image Raymond Upham / bp
  • Join Date:Feb 2016 Posted by  Raymond Upham/ bp / 21.06.2016 19:46

    Looking at the last release for April. Can you check that the feed for Nigerian closing stocks has been received/entered correctly? The reported stock change shows small increases across gasoline, lpg, kero and gasoil/diesel, but when comparing march and april closing stocks it would imply a substantial drop across all products.
    Just looking at the numbers, it appears visually that 1 digit might have been dropped from the closing stocks numbers in April, but if you could confirm that would be appreciated.

  • Profile Image Yui Torikata / IEF
  • Join Date:May 2011 Reply 1 by Yui Torikata / IEF / 27.06.2016 14:18

    Dear Raymond,
    We received a similar query regarding Nigerian stock level and we are currently correcting the data.
    You will see the revision shortly.