Colour code assessment approach by Eurostat

Data in the JODI-Gas Database from following countries / economies is reported through Eurostat who is responsible for assigning colour codes:

Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania.

These countries report to Eurostat via the SEG-Gas questionnaire (M-1 / short-term gas statistics, subject to a reporting obligation included in the Energy Statistics Regulation - Regulation (EC) N° 1099/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 October 2008 on energy statistics).

Eurostat gathers more detailed monthly gas data through the Monthly Oil and Gas Statistics (MOS) questionnaire in cooperation with the IEA. The Eurostat deadline for this questionnaire is one month after the deadline of the SEG-Gas Questionnaire (M-2 data).

For Eurostat countries, data in the JODI database are not equal to the MOS data. Colour codes are set on the basis of comparison between the SEG-Gas data submissions and the MOS-Gas data submissions.

Blue: (Results of the assessment show reasonable level): the difference between SEG-Gas data and M-2 monthly data is less than 5%.
Yellow: (Use data with caution and please consult country notes): the difference between SEG-Gas data and M-2 monthly data is above 5%.
White:(Data has not been assessed): in case there is not yet M-2 monthly data available, which can sometimes be the case for the data of the latest months.