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Joint APEC-JODI Training Workshop on Oil and Gas Statistics

The JODI Partners held a joint JODI-APEC Workshop on Oil and Gas Statistics in Tokyo/19th Regional JODI Training Workshop, in Japan from 11-13 June 2018. this joint workshop was hosted by the Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre (APERC) and held as part of APERC training for their member economies on Oil and Gas Statistics as part of their regular training. It was supported by JODI Partners: GECF, IEA, IEF, OPEC, and UNSD who sent experts to support this training of statistical energy balance completion.  »

JODI Energy Data Transparency Workshop for Sustainable Future

Joint Organisations Data Initiative (JODI) Energy Data Transparency Workshop for Africa will be held on 06-09 May 2019 in Cape Town South Africa. The aim of this four-day workshop is to provide energy experts and statisticians in Africa comprehensive picture of energy data compilation activities necessary to ensure sustainable energy for all. Technical linkage between annual and monthly data collections should be explained alongside differences in benefit and focuses of these two energy data collection activities from policy making standing point. With such objective in mind, the four-day workshop will feature the JODI (Oil and Gas) monthly data collection, annual energy statistics and balances compilation as well as principles of energy efficiency indicators. We hope that improving energy data transparency in Africa will provide improved understanding to enable better policy and investment decision making. In addition, this JODI Energy Statistics Training Workshop will take place at the same time as the 4th IEF-OFID Symposium of Energy Poverty that we hold at the same venue, thus linking the need of energy data to decision making and alleviating energy poverty from Africa.  »

17th Regional JODI Training Workshop for MENA

The 17th Regional JODI Training Workshop targeting MENA countries was held in Beirut, Lebanon from 11-14 December 2018. Coordinated by the IEF, the Workshop took place as part of Training on Energy Statistics hosted by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UNESCWA). It was supported by the International Energy Agency (IEA) and other JODI Partners, including GECF, and UNSD and the newest JODI Associate, OAPEC.  »

JODI Oil Events


14th International JODI Conference

Cario, Egypt

The 14th JODI Conference was held in Cairo on 20-21 October 2019. The Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum hosted the event under auspicious of HE Tarek El-Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources of Egypt.

Energy producing, and consuming countries have successfully fostered the Joint Organisations Data Initiative (JODI) throughout nearly two decades of mutual dedicated and sustained cooperation by all stakeholders. IEF Ministers at their latest IEF16 Ministerial Meeting in India (April 2018) stressed their ongoing interest in improving global energy market transparency and their support for a strengthened JODI. This biennial JODI Conference played a key role in the JODI development cycle which aims to continually advance the global energy data transparency agenda in support of stable energy markets as advocated by IEF Ministers, G20 leaders, and other stakeholders.

This 14th International JODI Conference (IJC14) convened actors contributing to enhanced energy data transparency at various stages of the JODI data supply chain, including industry representatives, experts from national administrations, the JODI Partners themselves (APEC, Eurostat, GECF, IEA, IEF, OLADE, OPEC, UNSD), JODI Associates (AFREC, OAPEC) and other JODI data users from around the world. Sustained and enhanced interaction among this diverse and growing group has been vital to the ongoing success of the Initiative.

The Agenda discussion items for IJC14 were:

• JODI Success Stories and Improvement Opportunities
• Redefining Value of the Energy Data Transparency Initiative
• Benefits of JODI Cooperation Mechanism Across Energy Data Supply Chain
• Make JODI Capacity Building Efforts Truly Beneficial for All
• Strategies for Enhanced Visibility of Energy Data Transparency and its Benefits
• Maximise Benefits of Energy Data Transparency – Beyond Current JODI Framework
• JODI Actions toward 2025

IJC14 offered a rare opportunity for a cross-section of data providers and users from around the globe to meet and share their experiences. The JODI Partners have envisaged that discussions and exchange of ideas during the conference would help to strengthen existing JODI activities, and would also serve as a catalyst to enhance the role of JODI beyond its current framework.

JODI represents more than a database, it is a commitment to on-going dialogue and actions among all stakeholders. Coordinated efforts on this scale require constant reinforcement and adaptation. 

Keynote Speech

Paul Stevens, Distinguished Fellow, The Royal Institute of International Affairs Chatham House


Session 1

Kamel Ben-Naceur, Chief Executive Officer, Nomadia Consulting
Fuad A. Al-Zayer, Coordinator of Energy Data Transparency – JODI, IEF

Session 2

Anas Alhajji, Managing Partner, Energy Outlook Advisors
Sohbet Karbuz, Director, Hydrocarbons and Energy Security, Observatoire Méditerranéen de l'Energie
Mustafa Ansari, Senior Economist, Energy Economics, Strategy & Sustainability APICORP
Thierry Bros, Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Session 3

Cristian Fetie, Energy Statistics, Eurostat
Rodnan Karim Garcia Ramirez, Manager of Energy Economic Research, Repsol
Hassan Sabry, Asst. General Manager for Investment Budgets - planning and project activities, EGAS

Session 4

Shigeru Kimura, Special Adviser to the President on Energy Affairs, Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA)
Edito Barcelona, Research Fellow and Head, ESTO, APERC

Session 5

Samer Mosis, Senior Analyst LNG, Platts
Sander Brummelkamp, Energy statistician, CBS Netherlands Statistics
Yui Torikata, Energy Analyst, IEF
Amar Amarnath, Head of Energy Information Management, KAPSARC

Session 6

Logan Byers, Research Analyst, World Resources Institute
Peter Marsters, Officer of Research, Center on Global Energy Policy | Colombia University

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