How to Access the JODI-Oil World Database

Users can browse the JODI-Oil data online and/or download files to their computer:

  • To access the on-line database, click on 'Access On-line database' from the home page. Four (4) standard views are available for ease of access:
    • Joint Organisations Data Initiative- Primary (all data), displays all data products, flows and countries contained in the primary products (Crude oil, NGL, Other) table covered in the JODI-Oil extended format;
    • Joint Organisations Data Initiative - Secondary (all data), displays data for all products, flows and countries contained in the secondary products (Oil products) table covered in the JODI-Oil extended questionnaire format;

  • When browsing data on-line, users can choose from a tabular report or a variety of chart types; produce customized report by selecting items, sorting, nesting and dragging-and-dropping; display descriptive metadata; and save data to .xls, .csv, and several other formats;
  • Please look at the on-line 'Help' for further information.
  • To access download files, click on 'Download Latest data file' from the home page. Files are available in three (3) different formats: .txt, .csv and .ivt (Beyond 20/20);
  • The .ivt format requires the installation on your computer of the Beyond 20/20 Browser which is available for free.
  • Beyond 20/20 Browsers have become the world's standard for viewing multi-dimensional data:
    • Ease of use, speed and performance;
    • High-impact visualization and charting;
    • Allow users to export data to the format of their choice
  • Please look at the 'QuickStart' document on the Beyond 20/20 Browser page.