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Crude Quality Data

do we have any database of crude quality from different production source for example crude hydrocarbon composition - which may be the input required by refiners.

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different with opec data

Hi, I want to know why there is a certain difference between the data of opec countries in the JODI database and those published by OPEC. At the same time, the data of Iran has not been available for a while. Thanks

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World.zip ivt file N/A this month?

Hi, I work in Oil Trading at BAML. Normally there is a world.zip (containing world.ivt) file available on data downloads https://www.jodidata.org/oil/database/data-downloads.aspx , additional to the extended ivt file. It doesn't seem to be available this month. Any reason why that is? Thanks very much. Bhupinder.

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Indonesia gasoline demand 1.3mmbd in Dec-2015 vs 0.5mmbd in Dec-2014?

Hi, is the data showing Indonesia gasoline demand 1.3mmbd in Dec-2015 vs 0.5mmbd in Dec-2014 accurate? Where is this data coming from? The growth in 2015 just seems really remarkable considering that Indonesia gasoline demand was in that 0.5mmbd ballpark for several years prior. Thank you.

Last Reply: Yui Torikata / IEF / 23.03.2016 11:11