13th Regional JODI Training Workshop for Asian Countries

18-20 May 2016   |   Beijing, China


The 13th Regional JODI Training Workshop was held in Beijing from 18-20 May 2016. The event was hosted by the Economics and Technology Research Institute (ETRI) of the China National Petroleum Company (CNPC). The workshop which was organised by the IEF and co-sponsored by the IEA benefitted also from the support of other JODI partner organisations (APEC, GECF and UNSD). The training programme delivered by the JODI team was tailored for the benefit of statistical officers in charge of hydrocarbon data collection at the national administrations of China and other Asian Countries.

More than 30 delegates from 7 Asian countries took part in the workshop which was designed to raise awareness and build better understanding of the Joint Organisations Data Initiative (JODI) and to improve submissions from this key region.  

Host country participants included representatives from the National Bureau of Statistics, National Energy Administration, CNPC ETRI, and graduate students from both BEIHANG University and TSINGHUA University in Beijing.

The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) also participated in the workshop. They delivered a presentation on their domestic and international data collection mechanisms and explained how they make use of the collected data in their various energy market projections and analysis. They also emphasized the importance of clear mandate and adequate regulation as prerequisites for establishment of a successful national data reporting mechanism, especially in the context of large oil and gas markets. 

The participants were also briefed on Gas to Liquid (GTL) and Coal to Liquid (CTL) technologies, which are actively deployed in the region. The session addressed both technical aspects and the economics of these technologies, as well as the challenges faced in their deployment.

Experts from the JODI partner organisations provided participants with an overview of JODI, the principles of data transparency, and the methodologies necessary to participate effectively in the initiative. They emphasized the importance of cooperation in the quest for global data transparency.  

Hands-on training sessions played a pivotal role in the workshop, providing opportunities for delegates to receive detailed instruction on JODI methodologies, definitions and the data quality assessment techniques necessary for the accurate and timely completion of the JODI questionnaires. Experience-sharing among countries participating in the workshop proved to be particularly popular and useful feature of the interactive programme.

Participants in the workshop also benefitted from a site visit to CNPC’s Beijing Oil and Gas Control Center. 

In follow-up of this workshop, APEC and UNSD will engage with those countries that committed to action items in regard to improvements to the quality and timeliness of data JODI submission from this key region.