3rd JODI Data User Seminar

11 June 2019   |   Tokyo, Japan


The Third JODI Data-User Seminar was held at Hotel Sunroute Ariake, Tokyo, Japan, on 11 June 2019 from 18:30 to 21:00 with support of the JODI Partner Organisations (APEC, Eurostat, GECF, IEA, IEF, OLADE, OPEC and UNSD).  The event took place as a side event of G20 Ministerial Meeting under Japanese presidency on Energy Transitions and Global Environment for Sustainable Growth.

The Seminar gathered JODI data users from China, Japan, Korea and Singapore, as well as experts from JODI partner organisations and government officials from 15 economies who were attending the Joint APEC-JODI Training Workshop. Such wide range of stakeholders enabled an interactive exchange on the importance of the energy data transparency initiative and highlighted the journey of JODI, which has been characterised by strong political support since its inception in 2000. The framework of cooperation among national administrations, JODI partners and data users was emphasised as the key benefit of the initiative.

The IEF presented on the history of JODI as a direct outcome of the producer-consumer energy dialogue of IEF Ministers. The strong political support and the joint efforts of the JODI Partners as well as their member countries have made the tangible collaboration which has been necessary for JODI. The IEA explained the key features that differentiate JODI from other data sources and presented on how JODI data is collected and processed; while OPEC emphasised how OPEC values in availability of JODI for their market research. Dr Thierry Bros, of the Oxford Institute of Energy Studies, joined the Seminar via video-conferencing from London to explain how JODI data is used in their market research and offered some valuable suggestions in support of improving the JODI data and overall global energy data transparency.

 A roundtable discussion moderated by APERC was also held on “Potential for enhanced energy data / market transparency through improved communication among data suppliers and users”. Here Delegates from the JODI Partners, International Organisations, and Seminar attendees deliberated their views on the way forward, overcoming challenges faced in the processes of compiling JODI World Databases and reflected on how the industry can take benefit from JODI.

The seminar series was initially created in response to the requests of the JODI user-community for outreach in providing a clear picture of the benefits of the Initiative’s cooperation mechanism among national administrations, JODI Partners and data users. The Tokyo seminar was built on the experience gained in previous JODI Information Seminar series held in Kiev, New Delhi, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, London and Geneva. Participants had a unique opportunity to hear from and exchange views with technical experts from JODI partner organisations in an interactive environment. To ensure a dynamic exchange of ideas, places were limited to around 50 JODI data-users and technical experts.

The Seminar was held concurrently with Joint APEC-JODI Workshop on Oil and Gas Statistics on 11-13 June 2019 designed for officials from national administrations in charge of energy data compilation and dissemination in Asian Pacific region. With this combination, the seminar provided ample opportunities to benefit the energy data provider-consumer dialogue.

The event addressed the following topics:

  • JODI History to Present: Importance of Energy Data Transparency
  • JODI data Collection and Processing: Key features that differentiate JODI from Other Data Sources
  • JODI Data for Market Research: Better Data - Better Decisions
  • JODI Participation Assessments and key features of the JODI World Database
  • Roundtable discussion on “Potential for enhanced energy data / market transparency through improved communication among data suppliers and users"

The idea of a data-user focused seminar was  inspired by heads of JODI Partner Organisations who met in Moscow prior to the 14th International Energy Forum Ministerial meeting in May 2014. Building on this discussion, JODI partners throughout consultation with key government stakeholders and the JODI data user community developed the JODI 5-Year Action Plan that encompasses development of this seminar series. The JODI User Seminar series is in line with key actions stated in the JODI 5-Year Action Plan which calls for raising awareness of the JODI platform and database.