JODI Information Seminar / Energy Data Transparency Exhibition

15 November 2018   |   Kiev, Ukraine

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The JODI Information Seminar and the Energy Data Exhibition was held on 15 November 2018 as a part of Ninth International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development in Kiev, Ukraine.

The event was inaugurated by Dr Sun Xiansheng, Secretary General, IEF, Mr. Scott Foster, Director, Sustainable Energy Division, UNECE and Mr. Vitalii Kushnirov, Director of strategic planing and European integration, Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry, Ukraine. 

IEF with cooperation of United Nation Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) organised the event with support of GECF, IEA, OPEC, and UNSD as well as OAPEC who is a new JODI Associate.   Energy Community and UN-ESCAP also assisted the event to convey their view on impotence of energy data transparency.

The Seminar was designed to introduce government and international organisation officials the history of JODI, characterized by strong political support since its inception in 2000. The mechanism of cooperation among national administrations, JODI partners and data users was emphasized as the key feature of the initiative.

Dr Sun emphasized needs for reliable data to make foresighted decisions on policies and investments. He reaffirmed IEF’s commitment to enhance global energy data transparency under JODI framework and conveyed his appreciation to fellow JODI Partners for their collaborative sprit amongst the present international organisations and countries to achieve the goal. Scott Foster of UNECE reinforced the significance of reliable data to support  UN Sustainable Development Goals: SDG7 - “Ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all”.

Fuad AlZayer, Global Coordinator of Energy Data Transparency – JODI, IEF, introduced the history of JODI since its inception in 2000 as a direct outcome of producer-consumer energy dialogue. He emphasized that the strong political support and the joint efforts of the JODI Partners as well as their member countries make JODI happen. Stève Gervais, Chief of Monthly Oil and Gas Statistics Section, IEA, explained the key features and data collection mechanism that differentiate JODI from other data sources.  Dr Adedapo Odulaja, Head Data Services Department, OPEC, emphasized how OPEC appreciate JODI data in their market research.  Jean Bastin, Product Manager, Kayrros, demonstrated Kayrros’s cutting edge methodology to gather energy supply and trade movements data using big data and satellite imaging in support of global energy data transparency.

Delegates from the JODI Partners organisations, international organisations and seminar attendees deliberated their views on the way forward, overcoming challenges faced in the processes involved in compiling JODI World Databases and reflected on how national administrations can take benefit from JODI.

Panelists viewed data transparency across all energy supply chain as paramount to a smooth energy transition. Stronger collective efforts such as JODI is viewed as a key instrument towards achieving sustainable development goals, including the UN SDG7.

The exhibition showcased the wealth of data made available to the public through the data dissemination efforts and showcase data visualisation tools made by GECF, IEA, JODI, OPEC, OAPEC and UNSD.

The Seminar and Exhibition hosted by Ninth International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development was in line with key actions stated in the JODI 5-Year Action Plan which calls for: Raising awareness of the JODI platform and database and Identifying and engaging champions for JODI.

By putting the JODI 5-Year Action Plan into practice, JODI Partners spare no effort to meet with key stakeholders around the world to deliver JODI aspirations for:
• Stronger commitment
• Well-trained professionals
• Stronger public engagement