JODI Training Session as a part of GECF webinars on data and statistics for Russian and Bolivian experts

24-26 August 2020   |   Virtual Platform, Qatar

26   Gecf Disd Bolivia

Joint Organisation Data Initiative (JODI) was extensively featured as a part of GECF efforts to enhance its Data Exchange Mechanism (DEM) and to promote Global Data Transparency. The GECF organised a series of webinars on data and statistics for experts of the Russian Federation on 24 August and for the Plurinational State of Bolivia on 26 August 2020.

The sessions, with a focus on the participation of Russia and Bolivia in the GECF DEM, addressed the use of GECF Data Exchange Centre (DEC) System and the global energy data transparency initiative, JODI-Gas. The topics of strengthening data gathering processes, data quality measures, and the available range of digital tools and channels for promotion of value chain indicators were also discussed during the webinars. 

Regular GECF DEM process has been implemented through Monthly and Annual Data Reporting, as well as through the regular data dissemination and organisation of events. GECF, through the DEM process, take a part of the JODI international efforts to enhance data transparency in oil and gas markets through monthly consolidation and dissemination of standardaised key energy supply/demand indicators. 

During the session, GECF emphasized its contributions to the JODI-Gas and the importance of enhanced cooperation and collective efforts among the GECF Member Countries to achieve global energy data transparency through the JODI framework. 

Full contents are available at the GECF event page.