JODI Workshop in Indonesia

17 December 2010   |   Bogor, Indonesia


The Center for Data and Information on Energy and Mineral Resources (PUSDATIN) of Indonesia held a JODI workshop on 17 December 2010 in Bogor, Indonesia.  Representatives from the various units of Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR); namely: Directorate General for Oil and Gas (MIGAS) and Executive Agency for Oil and Gas Activity (BP MIGAS) as well as state-owned oil and gas corporation, PERTAMINA, participated in the workshop. The invited speakers were Mr. Denie Tampubulon, a JODI “pioneer” and special adviser to the MEMR minister for increasing oil production, Mr. Shigeru Kimura and Mr. Edito Barcelona of The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ) - the coordinating agency for energy statistics in APEC. The number of participants was more than 20 persons.

This workshop aimed to produce a better understanding about the history and background of JODI as well as the data management procedure of JODI data in APEC - which includes Indonesia - not only of the PUSDATIN staff but also of the sources of monthly oil data such as MIGAS, BP MIGAS, BPH MIGAS and PERTAMINA. With better understanding of JODI, data sources are expected to provide more accurate data and consequently, the PUSDATIN staff would be able to fill-out the JODI Questionnaire accurately.

Mr Denie Tampubulon gave a detailed explanation of the importance of oil in the energy market and the history of JODI. His presentation provided the starting point of the discussions. He also mentioned to the participants that Indonesia should participate actively in JODI as being a big consumer of oil, the country would benefit from it in the form of less volatility of the oil market.

Mr Edito Barcelona of IEEJ made a presentation on the progress of JODI in APEC and a review of the JODI data of Indonesia. Mr. Barcelona’s presentation gave a report on the improvement of the participation of Indonesia to JODI as well as the assessment of the quality of its JODI data. Mr. Barcelona also commended Indonesia for the significant improvement on its participation to JODI during the last two years.

Mr Kimura of IEEJ gave a presentation on the collection of monthly gas data in APEC which is also being planned to become a global initiative and will be called JODI-Gas. Indonesia is currently participating in this monthly data collection but the timeliness of its submission needs to be improved from M-2 to M-1. Mr. Kimura also gave a presentation on the benefits of opening energy data and comparison of Japan and Indonesia using the data. Mr. Kimura stated that opening energy data would provide the basis for energy forecasting and policy formulation. It would also provide a wealth of information to energy companies for their business planning and decision-making.

Ms Suharyati Nugroho of PUSDATIN gave a presentation on JODI data management in Indonesia while Ms. Fifi Indarwati also of PUSDATIN and Ms. Panca Desaf Nitasari of MIGAS gave a report on their internship to the International Energy Forum (IEF). Their presentation also included an explanation of the JODI questionnaire. The last presentation was made by Mr. Feri Kurniawan of PUSDATIN giving a demonstration of how to use the JODI world database online.

During the course of the discussions, there were opportunities for clarification of data definitions and how energy data in the oil refining sector are compiled. The correct reporting of natural gas throughput to the refineries and the reporting of refinery own use and losses were also clarified. However, separating refinery losses from the demand data remains an issue that would be further discussed by PUSDATIN with the agencies participating in the workshop. The parties promised to continue discussions in the future.

The workshop is a first of its kind in APEC and was successful in expounding the importance and benefits of JODI. Indonesia should be given due recognition to its eagerness in improving its JODI data quality.