Virtual JODI Session: Olade Workshop on Methodological Harmonization of Energy Statistics

20 Jul  - 11 Aug 2020   |   Quito, Ecuador

Olade WS 1080X400

Joint Organisation Data Initiative (JODI) was featured during the Training Workshop on Methodological Harmonization of Energy Statistics organised by the Latin American Energy Organization (Olade) with the support of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The workshop was held virtually from 20 July 20 to 11 August and attended by 156 experts from national administrations of 19 countries in the region. During a training session dedicated to the organisation’s new monthly hydrocarbon data questionnaire, definitional and methodological compatibilities between the new questionnaire and JODI-Oil and JODI-Gas datasets were explained. 

The main objective of the workshop was to introduce Olade’s new set of energy data questionnaires to officials of their member countries. These new questionnaires were developed over last two years with supports of key JODI Partners to align their definitions and methodologies to the international standard set by the International Recommendations for Energy Statistics (IRES). In this regard, definitional and methodological compatibility among JODI, IRES and Olade’s new questionnaires were emphasized during the workshop.

The workshop concluded with a plenary session defining the actions to be taken at both the Organization and country level to implement the new methodology including a plan for future follow-up workshops.

Full workshop contents are available at the Olade event page.