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No Profile Image Nikita Chistyakov

Views:27608 / Replies:0 Posted by  Nikita Chistyakov / 24.06.2016 16:09


Good day! Can you tell me the organizational and legal of JODI? Thank you, Nikita

Last Reply: Nikita Chistyakov / 24.06.2016 16:09

No Profile Image Henry Hibbott

Views:12706 / Replies:1 Posted by  Henry Hibbott / 30.04.2016 10:33

Iraq oil data

Hi Does the submission from Iraq include production, refinery output etc from the KRG? Thanks, Henry

Last Reply: Yui Torikata/ IEF / 06.06.2016 10:17

Profile Image Yui Torikata / IEF

Views:12041 / Replies:1 Posted by  Yui Torikata / IEF / 28.05.2014 12:19

JODI-Oil FAQ / What kind of oil stock data is reported in the JODI-Oil Questionnaire?

Oil stock data is mainly categorised in tree kinds: primary stocks, secondary stocks, and tertiary stocks. Primary stocks are held by the various co ...

Last Reply: Anil Mukherjee / 05.04.2016 09:11

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JODI World Database (WDB) Support (4 topics)

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No Profile Image Blaine Fontana

Views:6444 / Replies:0 Posted by  Blaine Fontana / 20.02.2018 14:16

Naming convention and location of .zip and .csv files

Under the last two releases, the information below has described the naming convention and location of the JODI-Oil csv files. Are the naming convent ...

Last Reply: Blaine Fontana / 20.02.2018 14:16

No Profile Image Smith MR

Views:16432 / Replies:3 Posted by  Smith MR / 01.06.2017 18:10

JODI Database API

Hi, Is there an API available for automated downloads for JODI data?

Last Reply: Yui Torikata/ IEF / 14.02.2018 14:51

Profile Image Yui Torikata / IEF

Views:15128 / Replies:2 Posted by  Yui Torikata / IEF / 28.05.2014 09:29

JODI WDB FAQ / How can I access the JODI World Database?

There are two ways to access the JODI World Databases. 1. Access online database from 2. Download .ivt, .csv or .txt files from:

Last Reply: Yui Torikata/ IEF / 06.02.2017 12:35

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JODI-Gas (2 topics)

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Profile Image ahmad sabah / mushkat alanwar international

Views:5036 / Replies:0 Posted by  ahmad sabah / mushkat alanwar international / 14.04.2019 14:37

Director of Development and International Relations

How much is the price of 25 thousand tons of gasoline With shipping charges to Yemen we want \ this quantity per month

Last Reply: ahmad sabah/ mushkat alanwar international / 14.04.2019 14:37

No Profile Image Leyra Fernandez Diaz

Views:8810 / Replies:1 Posted by  Leyra Fernandez Diaz / 20.09.2017 17:40

Japan gas storage numbers

Hi there, I was wondering when the next release for Japan gas storage numbers would be? Thanks a lot in advance, Leyra

Last Reply: Yui Torikata/ IEF / 12.12.2017 11:39

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JODI-Oil (16 topics)

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Profile Image anik pal

Views:8365 / Replies:1 Posted by  anik pal / 09.04.2019 11:28

Crude Quality Data

do we have any database of crude quality from different production source for example crude hydrocarbon composition - which may be the input required ...

Last Reply: robert down / 02.04.2020 00:51

No Profile Image Tian Zhang

Views:1798 / Replies:0 Posted by  Tian Zhang / 03.03.2020 09:24

different with opec data

Hi, I want to know why there is a certain difference between the data of opec countries in the JODI database and those published by OPEC. At the same ...

Last Reply: Tian Zhang / 03.03.2020 09:24

No Profile Image Raymond Upham / bp

Views:5291 / Replies:0 Posted by  Raymond Upham / bp / 21.03.2019 10:13

Bulgaria Oil Data

Hello! In the latest release, there seems to be some suspicious looking data for Bulgaria in November 2018, e.g. negative kerosene demand and unusual ...

Last Reply: Raymond Upham/ bp / 21.03.2019 10:13

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