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Views:8365 / Replies:1 Posted by  anik pal / 09.04.2019 11:28

Crude Quality Data

do we have any database of crude quality from different production source for example crude hydrocarbon composition - which may be the input required by refiners.

Last Reply: robert down / 02.04.2020 00:51

No Profile Image Tian Zhang

Views:1798 / Replies:0 Posted by  Tian Zhang / 03.03.2020 09:24

different with opec data

Hi, I want to know why there is a certain difference between the data of opec countries in the JODI database and those published by OPEC. At the same time, the data of Iran has not been available for a while. Thanks

Last Reply: Tian Zhang / 03.03.2020 09:24

No Profile Image Raymond Upham / bp

Views:5291 / Replies:0 Posted by  Raymond Upham / bp / 21.03.2019 10:13

Bulgaria Oil Data

Hello! In the latest release, there seems to be some suspicious looking data for Bulgaria in November 2018, e.g. negative kerosene demand and unusually high imports. Could you reconfirm the data with the relevant source? Thanks!

Last Reply: Raymond Upham / bp / 21.03.2019 10:13

No Profile Image Haralambos Panagopoulos

Views:8087 / Replies:1 Posted by  Haralambos Panagopoulos / 18.11.2017 21:04

Other Products - Please help

Hello, I am very interested to find monthly refinery output (production) data for Greece for asphalt/bitumen. I ran through the Greece review of oil products and it has LPG, Naphtha, Gasoline, Jet, ADO+Gasoil, Fuel Oil, Other Products. As I suspect that the monthly figures are high for the Other Products to account only for bitumen, I was wondering what is included in the Other Products category and how can I retrieve the asphalt/bitumen that I need. Thanks in advance for a prompt answer. ...

Last Reply: Yui Torikata / IEF / 12.12.2017 11:43

Profile Image Yui Torikata / IEF

Views:6525 / Replies:0 Posted by  Yui Torikata / IEF / 26.09.2016 12:49

Chinese products exports hit new high

Chinese oil product exports reached 1.14 MBD in July, registering an all-time high since monitoring began in 2002,Data Chart

Last Reply: Yui Torikata / IEF / 26.09.2016 12:49

No Profile Image Raymond Upham / bp

Views:9429 / Replies:1 Posted by  Raymond Upham / bp / 19.07.2016 19:25


Hi there Croatian Distillate production for May 2016 in the last release, looks like it might be erroneous. Could we cross check please? Thanks!

Last Reply: Yui Torikata / IEF / 09.08.2016 11:59

No Profile Image Raymond Upham / bp

Views:8671 / Replies:1 Posted by  Raymond Upham / bp / 21.06.2016 19:46

Nigerian Stocks

Hi, Looking at the last release for April. Can you check that the feed for Nigerian closing stocks has been received/entered correctly? The reported stock change shows small increases across gasoline, lpg, kero and gasoil/diesel, but when comparing march and april closing stocks it would imply a substantial drop across all products. Just looking at the numbers, it appears visually that 1 digit might have been dropped from the closing stocks numbers in April, but if you could confirm that would ...

Last Reply: Yui Torikata / IEF / 27.06.2016 14:18


Views:8585 / Replies:1 Posted by  BHUPINDER RAYAT / 18.03.2016 12:01 ivt file N/A this month?

Hi, I work in Oil Trading at BAML. Normally there is a (containing world.ivt) file available on data downloads , additional to the extended ivt file. It doesn't seem to be available this month. Any reason why that is? Thanks very much. Bhupinder.

Last Reply: Yui Torikata / IEF / 23.03.2016 11:13

No Profile Image Matthew Blair

Views:8108 / Replies:1 Posted by  Matthew Blair / 17.03.2016 15:53

Indonesia gasoline demand 1.3mmbd in Dec-2015 vs 0.5mmbd in Dec-2014?

Hi, is the data showing Indonesia gasoline demand 1.3mmbd in Dec-2015 vs 0.5mmbd in Dec-2014 accurate? Where is this data coming from? The growth in 2015 just seems really remarkable considering that Indonesia gasoline demand was in that 0.5mmbd ballpark for several years prior. Thank you.

Last Reply: Yui Torikata / IEF / 23.03.2016 11:11

No Profile Image Raymond Upham / bp

Views:8440 / Replies:1 Posted by  Raymond Upham / bp / 17.03.2016 09:08

latest ivts

Hello! Apologies if I have missed any changes to the download formats, but it looks like only the world_primary.ivt and world_secondary.ivt are available on the download tab. You usually have the world.ivt file as well. Is that due to be published shortly?

Last Reply: Yui Torikata / IEF / 23.03.2016 11:07

No Profile Image Tristan Thng

Views:8427 / Replies:1 Posted by  Tristan Thng / 21.02.2016 14:40

Indonesia Gasoline Demand

Hi, Noticed that the Indonesia Gasoline demand data released has shown a remarkable increase from an average 500kbd to 1200kbd in Dec-2015. Did that really happen?

Last Reply: Edito Barcelona / 26.02.2016 06:01

No Profile Image Octavio Santa Gadaea

Views:13555 / Replies:3 Posted by  Octavio Santa Gadaea / 17.08.2015 03:33

Russian fuel oil inventories are quickly declining

We seen Russian exports at similar or slightly higher levels this year, while demand has come down. I believe demand is down due to lower bunker sales (due to new tax weights and low flat price). Refinery crude runs are also down we believe due to poor refining margins again after lowering the crude export tax. The question here is what do this inventory figures include, and they seem to point towards a decline in Russian FO exports, however we still see a very oversupplied market at least in ...

Last Reply: Yui Torikata / IEF / 04.11.2015 09:22

No Profile Image Carine Gouffault

Views:8233 / Replies:1 Posted by  Carine Gouffault / 19.10.2015 10:03

Jodi csv files

Hello, it seems to be SEP2015 data in your last world.csv file... Last data should'nt be AUG2015 ? regards

Last Reply: Yui Torikata / IEF / 04.11.2015 09:17

No Profile Image Akshat Kukreja

Views:8598 / Replies:1 Posted by  Akshat Kukreja / 16.06.2015 09:52

Japanese Inventory Figures

I was looking through the reported monthly jet inventory figures for Japan and the question I had, was if it is possible to know what the definition of jet inventory is in this case. I am asking because I want to know if this stock figure includes tertiary stocks, refinery stocks etc. Thank you!

Last Reply: Yui Torikata / IEF / 21.08.2015 22:26

No Profile Image Belen del Rio

Views:8387 / Replies:1 Posted by  Belen del Rio / 07.07.2015 13:37

participation assessment

I am a researcher at the University of the Basque Country. We are conducting a research on cooperation and dialogue between producers and consumers. I am trying to find the JODI Oil participation assessment documents for the years 2010, 2011, and 2012 but without any success. I would appreciate if you could inform me if they are available as I understand it is not confidential information. Thank you.

Last Reply: Yui Torikata / IEF / 21.08.2015 22:14

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Views:7869 / Replies:0 Posted by  IEF Dialogue / 08.12.2014 11:03

Saudi Arabia oil products exports

Saudi Arabia’s oil products exports declined by 23% to 787 kbbl/d in September 2014, following a production spike in August, when export volumes averaged 1023 kbbl/d. Will Saudi Arabia’s oil products exports continue trending upwards in light of new refining capacity coming on stream?Data Chart

Last Reply: IEF Dialogue / 08.12.2014 11:03