"What is JODI?" Infographic (2017 Version)

10 Oct 2017

The Joint Organisations Data Initiative (JODI) is a concrete outcome of the global energy dialogue. IEF Energy Ministers recognize that the exchange and free dissemination of energy market data helps to mitigate uncertainty by improving market transparency and facilitating well-informed decision-making that instils investor confidence, supports market stability and strengthens energy security.

The Initiative, coordinated by the IEF since 2005, relies on the combined efforts of the eight JODI partner organisations (APEC, EUROSTAT, GECF, IEA, OLADE, OPEC, and UNSD), and more than 100 national administrations, and industry stakeholders to gather, verify and transmit the official data that populates JODI’s two public databases JODI-Oil and JODI-Gas with key monthly supply and demand indicators.

JODI’s databases are the public face of the Initiative, but they are only the tip of the ice-berg. The capacity building workshops delivered by JODI partners around the globe, provide training to the statisticians and other experts who are the backbone of the initiative, and facilitate information sharing and study of best practice. Partners also engage with the global JODI data-user community through regular regional meetings which encourage the user feedback that is the essence of JODI.

The initiative is unique in its ability to harness cooperation along the length of the supply chain and across government, industry, organisational and national boundaries.