2nd Gas Data Transparency Conference

22-23 May 2012   |   Doha, Qatar


The 2nd Gas Data Transparency Conference assessed the availability of gas data, reviewed experiences of gas data collection at local, regional and international levels, and discussed the conditions to establish a monthly gas data mechanism as a global gas data transparency initiative. The Conference was held in response to a strong call from energy Ministers at the 13th IEF Ministerial in Kuwait (March 2012) for an extension of JODI data to cover natural gas. The call by IEF Ministers to extend JODI to other sources of energy dates back to the 10th IEF Ministerial held in Doha in 2006. This interest was reiterated with explicit reference to natural gas at the 11th IEF Ministerial in Rome and the Extraordinary Energy Ministerial Meetings of Jeddah and London, held in 2008. It was subsequently supported at the 12th IEF Ministerial in Mexico in 2010 and at the G20 Summit in Cannes in 2011. The Qatar Conference presented an opportunity to promote greater natural gas market transparency and agreed upon concrete actions to ensure delivery of an ongoing initiative based on the successful JODI-Oil. 

In addition to participants from the JODI partner organisations, the event drew on the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), the gas industry, administrations, and other gas experts for advice and support.


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Mr. Yuichiro Torikata, Energy Analyst at the IEF can be reached at yuichiro.torikata@ief.org, by telephone at +966 1 481 00 22 ext. 315, or by fax at +966 1 481 00 55 for further information.

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