12th International JODI Conference

8-10 April 2015   |   New Delhi, India


The 12th International JODI Conference was held in New Delhi, India from 8-10 April 2015. The Conference was generously hosted by the Government of India and organised by the International Energy Forum with the support of other JODI Partners (APECEUROSTAT, GECFIEA, OLADEOPEC, & UNSD).

The Conference gathered some 90 delegates representing 25 countries/economies, as well as energy data experts, market analysts from international organisations, financial sector, media, and the industry at large.

The New Delhi conference, which coincided with the 10th anniversary of JODI-Oil and the 1st anniversary of JODI-Gas, was the first occasion in which prospective of the two data transparency initiatives were discussed jointly.

The Conference convened actors and stakeholders at various stages of the JODI data supply chain. These stakeholders include the energy companies that collect the source data, the national administrations responsible for JODI data reporting, the JODI Partners responsible for collating and checking the data quality, and the data users (analysts and reporters) that monitor market trends and disseminate JODI data through their analysis to a wider audience. By bringing all of these stakeholders together, the conference aimed at enhancement of communication and cooperation among them. Such enriched interaction among different stakeholders also facilitates the identification of challenges and opportunities to improve the functionality and visibility of the Initiative.


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